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Vecchio 10-04-2008, 10:00
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What a great post Maing!

Mi ricordo di te, sei uno dei nostri lettori/commentatori pių assidui ... non ti sei mentito neanche stavolta. Bravo!

Mi restringo solo al Personal Branding riportando qui un frammento del post realizzato da Rand Fishkin

  • First and last name must be included. Speaking from personal experience, if I could go back in time, I would alter all my profiles to be "Rand Fishkin" rather than "randfish." It seemed fun at the time (2001), but in retrospect, my full name would bring far more recognizable branding and credibility through those profiles, back to a personal brand. I can't enumerate the number of folks who, offline, made the sudden connection that "randfish" and "Rand Fishkin" were one in the same - a clear sign of missed branding opportunity.
  • If your name is exceptionally long or difficult, you can consider shortening or modifying, but make sure it's something you're comfortable using in the real world as well. Remember that this advice is targeted towards professional use of social media campaigns, so if you're just in there for fun, you don't need to worry about this nearly as much.
  • Use a picture of yourself - a head shot, with your face as close up, visible and friendly as possible.
  • Make the photo fit your personality. Even if you're going for a very professional profile, having a smile and a polo vs. a somber face and tie is OK. As with many things on the web, there's a certain respect for the more casual and approachable profiles, but don't miss the opportunity to brand visually.

Che ve ne pare?