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Vecchio 02-26-2010, 12:27
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Grazie Robin...materiale magnifico!!!!

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Vecchio 02-26-2010, 11:45
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Project Brief - esempio Ralph Poole

qui c'è un altro esempio di Project Brief,
fatto in tutt'altra maniera, ma egualmente utile
nell'assolvere il suo compito principale:

quello di creare un documento di riferimento
di partenza che descriva in maniera chiara e comprensibile
la direzione e le caratteristiche principali del progetto da mettere
in campo.

POP Project Brief for B. Felt

Structure and indication for key sections of Project Brief.

Mission Statement: A brief mission statement, usually in 30 words or fewer, explaining their reason for being and their guiding principles.

Goals and Objectives: Goals are destinations—where you want your business to be. Objectives are progress markers along the way to goal achievement. For example, a goal might be to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following. Objectives might be annual sales targets and some specific measures of customer satisfaction.

To whom will you market your products? (State it briefly here—you will do a more thorough explanation in the Marketing Plan section).

Describe your industry. Is it a growth industry? What changes do you foresee in the industry, short term and long term? How will your company be poised to take advantage of them?

Describe your most important company strengths and core competencies. What factors will make the company succeed? What do you think your major competitive strengths will be? What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture?

The Artist
Barbara Poole is an experienced fiber artist who creates exquisitely crafted handmade fashion accessories from wool, silk and glass beads. Each piece of felt jewelry, hat, wool scarf, nuno felted shawl, or handbag is a one of a kind piece of wearable art. Barbara has a Masters in Art Education from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Museum School and Tufts University. She is the owner and founder of B. Felt where she creates handcrafted fashion accessories using exciting combinations of wet felt, dry needle felting, beading, sewing and her own unique fiber art techniques. Her work is always a surprising mix of inspired elemental colors, earthy textures, and disciplined craft. Barbara's work is available at Bead + Fiber, and on the web at, at her Etsy Store at and on ebay at Check out her wonderful 100% Merino wool accessories and the felting supplies.

B. Felt History

Barbara Poole started B. Felt five years ago when she discovered felt as an alternative medium for expressing her artistic intentions. Wool is a very simple material from which an artist can create extraordinary objects that can be worn. By using felted wools as her medium and the the body as a canvas, Barbara can create extraordinary beautiful garments. Wearable art is more “public” then painting, and therefore more people see her work.
Like painting, a felt artist starts with very elemental materials and creates objects filled with life and energy. In painting you start with oil and pigment and apply it to wood or canvas and magically you are able to tell a story and explore an abstract idea. The process of making felt has the same magic as paint: from a pile of hair you can create fantastic two or three dimensional objects by adding a little water, soap, and agitation. Felt is one the oldest fabrics known to man, because it is so simple. It is essentially matted hair. However, people found that this hair could be matted into functional materials by adding water, soap, and agitation to create garments, dwellings, rugs and industrial materials. Sheep hair, because of its special properties, can be felted easily, but, dog hair, llama hair and other types of animal hair can be felted, as well.
Working with her friend Andrea Garr, who owns a craft retail store, Bead + Fiber, Barbara sells her wool felt scarves, nuno felted shawls, beaded jewelry, slippers and hats. Andrea has resident artists instruct interested people in their craft. Barbara teaches feltmaking at Bead + Fiber and regularly conducts workshops. In addition, Barbara teaches classes in feltmaking at the Boston Center for Adult Education and the Worcester Art Museum.
The B. Felt website project started as a way to engage more people in feltmaking and to brand Barbara as a felt artist and designer. Already, Barbara displays her paintings at and had started a blog to discuss her views on art and the process of making art. The website, B. Felt, was started to evangelize Barbara’s enthusiasm about the medium of wool and felt, to elevate the felt as an artistic material, to create art that could be worn by women and to give instruction on how to felt.

Why is this being done?

Ralph, Barbara and Ian Poole are working on this business and website to build a sustainable entity and brand capable of supporting Barbara's desire to fully support herself from as an artist, and to be able to contribute monetarily, to our family . Barbara is very excited about the artistic possibilities of felt and is eager to share her fascination with the materials and in the craft.
In addition, Barbara has always been interested in fashion and design. Earlier in her career she designed windows at Macy's and is an expert in visual merchandising in retail stores. Lately she has been doing "Wearable Art Fashion Shows" in the SoWa section of Boston that have gotten good reviews as very edgy fashion reviews. Designing and creating one-of-a-kind felt fashion accessories for women is an extension of her interest in fashion and a way of branding herself as a forward thinking fiber artist and fashion designer.

Mission Statement
Provide a resource and inspiration for people who want to use felt to express themselves creatively, via feltmaking or wearing felt art.

Goals and Objectives
For the website, it is to excite visitors about the medium and demonstrate its possibilities, This excitement should turn into a desire to learn more, take classes and possibly, buy some of the fashion accessories from B. Felt. We see it as more of an exploration of a new medium for self expression via a new skill, or a new fashion accessory that display's a women's fashion sense, excitement, and personality.

Target Market

(note: is the online audience different than the buyers in the real world? I need to know this in order to create personas.)
• Women: 35 to 70
• Artistic, Creative, Active in the arts, interested in self-expression
• Supporter of handmade crafts, local women’s entrepreneurship
• Bold, eclectic style, unafraid to assert their fashion sense

Core strengths and Competencies

• Enthusiasm
• Skilled crafts person
• Creative accessories designer
• Hard working
• Has Studio space for working
• Willing to experiment to solve business and creative problems

Success Metrics

• Evidence of building a brand around Barbara Poole
• Increasing readership, more time spent on site, bounce rate declining, repeat visits increasing
• Barbara’s ability to work only on painting and feltmaking
• A growing community of fans, interested in her work and her insight on creativity, felt making and design
• Increasing sales in all areas


• Family Members
• Andrea Garr at Bead + Fiber
• Fuller Crafts Museum
• Worcester Art Museum
• Boston Center for Adult Education
• Supplier Relationships: Aussie Fibers, Wigham Wool
• Carolyn Ross: Photographer
• Online Market Places: Etsy, Artfire, Amazon, ebay
• Social Networking Sites: Facebook, Twitter
• POP: Robin Good
• Digital Assets: Picasa
Robin Good
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Vecchio 02-26-2010, 11:34
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Ottima richiesta Diego e Fabio.

Vi do subito un paio di riferimenti:

1) Moreno Bonechi - Project Brief - Come Vendere Foto su Internet - MindMeister Mind Map

Questo è il Project Brief di Moreno Bonechi per il suo progetto di nicchia su come vendere foto online. Al momento è sviluppato come una mappa mentale. L'ideale è accompagnare questa, anche da un documento scritto di facile lettura.

2) Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister

Questa è la parte di Project Brief mappata su una mappa mentale di Ray Guyot un altro partecipante al POP Campus internazionale.

3) Qui sotto l'esempio di un vero e proprio Project Brief in formato testuale.

Project Brief draft from Heike Philp -
POP Online Campus


I am working on building up my blog to become a resource for PR people.

The PR industry has been slow to adopt social media, they are not a tech savvy group. Yet they have to learn this as it is transforming their industry.

I write about how technology is changing communication, consumer behavior
and business and how we have to change the way we do PR and marketing. I want my site to be a resource for research data and one that offers education resources to PR practitioners. My inteniton is to help them learn how to use sociam edia as part of a PR plan.


To help PR people make the transition and understand how they need to operate in this new tech environrment.
I want to make my living from doing this work. My income goal for 2010 from this website is is $50,000

Target Audience:

PR students and practitioners: they might still be in scholl, or already in business. They coudl be inhouse at a corporation, in a non profit and in an agency.

PR and marketing students are a good audience for my reports and books.


Robin Good
My visibility as a trainer in this field - finalist for PR trainer of the year.
My experience in PR
The fact that I was one of the first PR people to recognize that this change was coming
Speaking at conferences
Relationships with schools that teach PR and marketing
Society for New Communication Forum
Public Relations Society of America
I blog for Bulldog Reporter - they have 50 000 PR practitioners on their subscription list.
I can blog for eConsultancy in the UK
I can write for Marketing Profs


All big PR agencies say they have a digital and social media 'expert' in house now

Specific people who are competitors:

Mari Smith

I’ve been active on Facebook and Twitter since early 2007. dubbed me “the Pied Piper of the Online World.” I’m a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Social Media Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant.

Denise Wakeman

"Denise Wakeman is a skilled and savvy Internet marketing strategist, and her observations will help you grow your business from just about any angle."

Brian Solis

Solis is among the original thought leaders who paved the way for Social Media. He's a co-founder of the Social Media Club and a founding member of the Media 2.0 Workgroup. He has taken my training sessions with Bulldog Reporter. .

Lee Odden

Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a digital marketing and public relations firm specializing in strategic internet marketing consulting, training and implementation services including: online PR , search engine and social media marketing. Hisblog TopRank blog has 100 000 visitors. .

Greg Jarboe

Jarboe says, “SEO-PR had developed a new way to optimize and promote websites that combined search engine optimization and public relations. This offered both clients and agencies the tools and techniques they needed to generate traffic as well as generate publicity and enabled public relations departments and PR agencies to get full credit for their contribution when a company measures its ROI in marketing.”

Beth Harte

Beth Harte is a marketer, blogger, speaker, communicator, thinker, connector (people & dots), adjunct professor and Community Manager for MarketingProfs.

Other Publications:

Bulldog Reporter - a daily online magazine for PR people. They only started three years ago. But they already had a PR audience because of their business.

PR News Online

PR News is the most trusted, executive level, reader-supported publication that helps enhance the business impact of PR. Written for corporate PR and agency professionals and the challenges they face, PR News is your blueprint for the strategies, tactics and insights you need to become an even more effective and successful communicator.


A communications PR and marketing network.


The current tagline on the website is
Anticipating PR trends online

I decided to move my blog to my own URL

I had my blog for five years on the blogsite platform at
But it costs $500 a month for that platform. I had a free exchange deal with them to do PR for them, but that is now over and I wanted control of the blog and the content myself. So I have moved it. I lost a lot of search visibility and inbound links, but I felt I had to do it.

I need to increase my blogging and make sure I blog every day so I can atract more visitors. My first goal is 100 visitors a day. I am currently at an average of 40 visitors a day.


My ideas:

Anticipating PR Trends Online
Your Guide to social media marketing and online PR
Teaching people how to do social media marketing
Learn social media strategy
Learn how to do social media marketing
Social media marketing for PR
Social media marketing for public relations
Integrating social media marketing into PR
Social media marketing training
Online PR training
Resources about new media relations and PR

Answers from PR people, clients and friends.
Social Media Resources
Social media resources trends reports education

Google suggestions

Social media strategy
Social media marketing
Social media marketing for PR
Public Relations training
PR buzz


Social media pr
Social media marketing pr
Social media PR Power guide
Social media & PR
Social media in PR
Social media for PR
Social media class
Social media relations
Social media training
Social media help
Social media how to
Social media articles
Social media services
Top social media blogs
Social media strategy
Social media for businesses
Social media trends
pr social media keynote speaker
Social media public relations
Social media in public relations
Social media and public relations
Social media for public relations

Google Insights

Online PR is the top graph

Social media marketing is rising fast and should be equal to online PR in a few months.

Social media strategy and social media PR are almost the same, but strategy is starting to pull ahead.

Based on this research:

Title tag: Online PR & social media marketing strategy

Tagline on the site
Your guide to online PR and social media marketing trends


Pubblicherò fra qualche minuto un altro Project Brief proveniente dal POP Campus internazionale, per darvi maggiori idee e riferimenti su come procedere.

Robin Good
POP Campus Italia
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Vecchio 02-26-2010, 10:31
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mi associo alla richiesta di Diego... visto che attualmente ci sto lavorando!

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Vecchio 02-26-2010, 09:30
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Project Brief

Salve a tutti,
una cortesia da chiedere al grande Robin o al suo staff:
è possibile avere pubblicato un esempio di project brief sul genere di quelli visti al pop workshop di Roma di Febbraio ? Sarebbe utile come linea guida.

Grazie in anticipo..siete grandi!!

Diego ("Nomade digitale" )

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